In Avantticas we have protected the information and privacy systems that support the activities of advice and management in labor and social security and management activities in labor and social security matters, according to the current applicability statement.

To carry out this protection, we have implemented an information security and privacy management system in which we have and privacy management system has been implemented, in which the following principles are applied:

Confidentiality and privacy: The information processed by Avantticas will be known exclusively to authorized only by authorized persons, with prior identification, at the necessary time, and by the means and by the authorized means.

Integrity: The information processed by Avantticas will be complete, accurate and valid, its content being that provided by the affected parties without any kind of manipulation.

Availability: The information processed by Avantticas will be accessible and usable by authorized and identified users at all times. authorized and identified users at all times, and its persistence is guaranteed in the event of any persistence is guaranteed in the event of any foreseen  eventuality.

These principles are taken as a basis for the establishment of the objectives of information security and privacy and privacy objectives that allow us to continuously improve our management system.

Likewise, the organization's management is committed to comply with the legislation and/or applicable legislation and/or regulation for the protection of personally identifiable information, as well as with the contractual and with the contractual terms agreed between the organization and its partners, its subcontractors and the subcontractors and relevant third parties (customers, suppliers, etc.), and clearly allocate responsibilities among them.

In Madrid on April 25, 2022

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