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Employment Management is a complex job that Avántticas helps you to outsource providing you with the security and peace of mind of knowing that you have as a partner a Company that is totally flexible, professional and available. Avántticas identifies the client's needs and, through close communication between the two, studies the most appropriate way to respond to these concerns.




Companies and individuals

Management of Companies and Individuals

Staff Administration

Staff Administration

Payroll and wages

Payroll and Wages

Social Security Contributions

Social Security contributions

Tax Obligations

Tax Obligations

Other Tasks

Other tasks


Avántticas 2010, S.L. is a consultancy that provides a complete employment management and consultancy service. It was created in response to the need to find companies that provide employment management and consultancy services with quality and dedication, dealing with each client in a personalised way, according to their needs.

Avántticas can offer comprehensive business advice, as it works closely with highly qualified companies and professional firms in all matters that the client needs (accounting and taxes, foreigners, legal and tax advice, etc.), coordinating the processes in case the client requires it.

Avántticas' professionals make the difference, because they have all the necessary qualities:

Extensive experience and training in the field of Employment and Social Security Law. We have been working in this sector for more than 20 years. We have a fluid relationship with the official bodies we deal with on a daily basis (Social Security Administrations, Ministries, National Employment Institute, National Institute of Social Security, Mutual Accident Insurance Companies).

Supervision and flexibility. Our procedures are very strict and we carry out an exhaustive supervision of all the work, as well as of the documentation sent, so we guarantee a high quality of service. Likewise, Avántticas professionals are totally flexible, close and available and we adapt to the client's needs at all times.

New technologies. Avántticas guarantees a perfect knowledge of all the technologies necessary to optimise work time (RED System, Contrat@, DELT@, SILTRA, Certifica2). Avántticas offers the client the possibility to personalise and design specific files and lists.

Security. Avántticas complies with all the guarantees established by the Organic Law on Data Protection for security. Likewise, all the necessary protection mechanisms have been adopted to guarantee the service in any situation.


We are a dynamic and specialised team with more than 20 years of experience. We offer a personalised service tailored to our clients' needs.

Ana Colomina

Cristina García-Pablos

Our Clients

Avántticas provides its services to all types of companies (Multinationals, SMEs, Representative Offices, Self-employed, etc.), from the most diverse sectors:

Renewable Energies
Non Governmental Organisations
Audiovisual production
TV channel production
Event organisation
Software development
Machinery trade
Professional offices
Domestic appliance trade
Chemical industry
Food wholesale trade


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Cl. Guzmán el Bueno, 133
Edificio Britannia - 4º Centro A
28003, Madrid
Tfno.: 91 188 08 19
Fax: 91 535 60 95


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